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Saturday, December 2, 2006

Mortgage product

Mortgage Product

As I was sifting through all the new mortgage products, One truly peeked my interest. We now have a 90 day 0% mortgage. There is no penalty to pay, the interest rate is very competitive and it could free up a ton of money after the holidays! Imagine 0% for 90 days! That was just one of the many new mortgages that caught my eye.

Mortgage Insurance
Do you have mortgage insurance? Have you read the fine print on it? Mortgage insurance will help you through the rough times, over 80% of personal bankruptcies are caused by illness or death, make sure you have the insurance you need to carry you through.

Mortgage Options
Before you renew your mortgage, buy your first home, refinance your existing mortgage, talk with a specialist, who works for you! There are no upfront fees, and we can work together finding you the right mortgage product for you and your family

Monday, November 27, 2006

Home Mortgage and Mortgage Refinance

Home Mortgage
Getting a mortgage for your home is one of the biggest financial commitments you will ever make. There are literally hundreds of mortgage products available, finding the one that best fits your needs is important. Dealing with a mortgage broker, you gain experience and knowledge and put it to work for you. Remember your mortgage broker works for you and not the bank.

Mortgage broker Myths
Many people believe that a mortgage broker is for people with bad credit. While it's true we have many option for bad credit clients, your mortgage broker has solutions for everyone! Frankly getting a mortgage without a broker, Is like going to court without a lawyer!

Mortgage refinance
Rather you are buying your first home, Refinancing your current mortgage, good credit, bad credit put a mortgage specialist to work for you.

Mortgage and home loan information
All indicators show interest rates are on the way down so is an open or closed mortgage right for you?
Right now is a great time for an open mortgage, take advantage of the trends, and watch your rates. Your broker can advise you when its time to lock in! An open mortgage allows you to obtain the financing you want today and still have tomorrow's great interest rates. For more information on open mortgage products e-mail me at